Meet the Teachers

Mallory An

Office Manager & Elective Courses Teacher

Mallory An studied Linguistics at the University of Missouri and has a Master’s degree in TESOL from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea. She spent 3 years teaching English in South Korea, then moved to Dallas to work at Excel English Institute as the Office Manager. She also teaches elective courses in the afternoons.

“I love teaching English and working with International students. I think all cultures are unique and wonderful and getting to meet people from all over the world is my favorite part of this job. The Excel family is made up of caring and hard-working individuals and I feel so blessed to work with each and every one of them.”

Meet The Teachers
Meet The Teachers

Andre Arroyo

Intermediate English Teacher

I’ve been helping, inspiring and motivating students since 2005. It still doesn’t feel like a job. Teaching for me is more like a passion. It’s really part of who I am.

To be a member of the Excel family makes me so happy and proud every day. Such a positive environment, amazing professionals; you’ll certainly find great people here.

The interaction I have with my students is fascinating. To be able to see each and every student’s improvement every day is very rewarding.

I just wish I can continue to make a difference in their lives, that’s all that matters for me.

Jehu Campos

Intermediate English Teacher

I believe that the first step in learning anything is learning how to learn. I focus my efforts on thought provoking discussion using a variety of multimedia resources in an effort to foster in-class discussion. My classes use modern resources such as online games and testing to promote engagement with the material. A life-long student of all subjects, I encourage my students to practice outside of class by promoting interest in a variety of fields, from the arts and humanities, to current events and the sciences.

Meet The Teachers
Meet The Teachers

Maria Donovan

TOEFL Teacher

I joined the Excel teaching staff in 2014 when I moved to Dallas. However, my life as an ESL instructor began when I ventured from Ireland to Brazil and found I enjoyed teaching English there even more than I enjoyed my work as a registered nurse. Many hours in the classroom and many courses through the University of Cambridge, England, followed, providing me with the knowledge and the skills to be an effective and engaging instructor. Upon moving to the US, I earned a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in TESL, from Oral Robert’s University, Tulsa, OK.

What I love about being an ESL instructor is the opportunity to learn, first-hand, about the people and daily life in the amazing countries my students come from. I have to thank them for teaching me so much about their people and their cultures. Also, with my broad educational background and years of experience, I believe I can help my students improve their English so that they can reach their personal, academic or professional goals and live life to the fullest, be it here in the USA or in their own country.

Kitsie Ferrer

Intermediate English Teacher

I have been teaching English for over 15 years. I majored in French and Art at Austin College where I spent my junior year abroad studying in France and living with a host family. That is where I got my true taste for travel and love for learning about new cultures. Upon graduating, I spent time traveling the US and abroad before deciding to get my Certification to Teach English as a Second Language. I taught ESL for 6 years in various places throughout Mexico such as Campeche, Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi. In 2009, I returned to the US and taught for 3 years at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio. Finally, I came back to Dallas to be closer to friends and family, and start my own family. I have been teaching at Excel English Institute since the Fall of 2015.

Meet The Teachers
Meet The Teachers

Don Gleason

Intermediate English Teacher

My name is Donald Gleason, but the students call me Mr. Don. I have been a teacher since 1974. When I was in college, one of my professors told me that you did not have to be a famous rock singer, politician or movie star to make a difference in the world; you could do it by being a teacher. That’s what I have been trying to do for more than 30 years. My grandparents were immigrants, and I work with immigrants. Believing that I am helping them to have better lives makes it all worthwhile.

I have taught in a number of schools, but Excel English Institute is the best by far. The facility is beautiful, modern and functional. My colleagues are top-notch, and the students are wonderful. Just wonderful. I am very fortunate to be here.

Miguel Guzman

Beginning English Teacher

I specialize in teaching beginning levels due to my desire to help the students build confidence in themselves while providing them with the basic building blocks of language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

I grew up in Los Angeles, which is a cosmopolitan city. While living there, I constantly found myself helping people from other countries. That is how I discovered my knack for languages.

In my opinion, the most difficult part about learning a language is “losing your fear to speak [which] is hard for many introverted students.” However, I always advise any new students interested in coming to Excel to learn English to come aboard and do your best. “You can do it!”

Meet The Teachers
Meet The Teachers

Janice Hinokuchi

Beginning English Teacher

“Inspire Boldly to Aspire Boldly”
First and foremost, my passion to teach English surges from the depths of care for students yearning for a better chance in life. I find myself training students to have unswerving confidence that can be the sail which will take them far and beyond in their English language learning. I make streams of encouragement and exhortation for a positive mindset; a mind and heart that can focus clear goals and organize accordingly with reminding tips on good study habits to aspire a desired target outcome; exerting daily praise and attentive motivational feedback are the sparks that keep students pedaling on the track of success. I predominantly have been a foundational link in the chain of success for students in the lower levels, thus I feel it truly has been my calling to be an instructor who “inspires” to face the new untrodden road ahead with confidence, stamina and patience.

It’s awesomely fulfilling for me to see measurable improvement in speaking that comes alive from the rock bottom. It’s my heartfelt aim to wait for the revealing moment when students witness themselves declaring, “I can be more than a conqueror!”

Jennifer Lowry

Advanced English Teacher

I am an English instructor at Excel English Institute, and have been a teacher for 5+ years, spending a majority of my teaching experience at the university level. With a B.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, and a M.A. in English, I can strongly say that I love not only English, but all languages. I believe that learning languages is a lifelong pursuit that can benefit everyone where English is the key that unlocks many doors. Better understanding a language is something for which I have a passion, and as a teacher hope to pass on to my students.

I believe the best learning environment is a place where students feel comfortable with both the instructor and other students, so it is my goal as a teacher at Excel English Institute to facilitate learning in the most conducive environment as possible. Join our program and I hope to see you in class!

Meet The Teachers
Meet The Teachers

Helene “Lani” Olsen

Intermediate English Teacher

I have over 30 years of experience teaching English in middle school, high school and at the college level. I have a BA in German and English and a Master’s Degree in Humanities with a focus on teaching English as a Second Language.

I believe there is no better career than helping students improve their English to succeed personally and economically in the US or in their home countries. Excel English Institute has become a home for myself and hundreds of students.

Sharon Stacha

Beginning English Teacher

My name is Sharon Stacha. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Baylor University and a Master of Education degree in Reading from the University of Texas at Tyler. I have taught ESL for fifteen years including at the college level. I believe that anyone can learn a new language and become fluent in that language. A student should have many opportunities to interact with the new language.


The Founders

Mallous Rohani & Cindy Gordan

We are both ESL certified veteran teachers with more than 35 years combined of experience teaching, writing curricula and working with students in college and independent schools in Dallas and abroad. As co-workers, we always thought we could provide a better education than what we were offering at our previous places of employment. We decided to embark on a journey in 2014 to open our own school, which would be a place to learn, make new friends and have an unforgettable experience.

After Excel earned its full accreditation in 2017, the school that started with only 8 students, has since grown to serve several hundreds in its short life. The thing that makes Excel different from any other school we have worked at is that we are teachers who wrote and taught the curricula. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we work closely with our teachers to provide them with the resources and training to make our vision of a top-notch English school become a reality.

Excel English Institute Mission Statement

Our mission at Excel English Institute is to provide non-native speakers with English language acquisition in well-crafted programs by fostering a total immersion learning environment. Excel’s programs combine language attainment benefits with vital cultural and interpersonal skills to prepare and empower students to successfully communicate and thrive in social, academic, and professional environments.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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