Reinstatement Procedure

Do you have an F1 visa that has fallen out of status? Reasons for this may be include the following: not maintaining full-time enrollment, not completing the I-20 transfer on time to a new school, or not applying for an extension before your I-20 expires. If this has happened to you, don’t worry! We are experts at the reinstatement process and make it simple for students.

Get Started

  • Fill out our school application online and pay the application fee (this may be done in the office as well)
  • Make an appointment to discuss the Reinstatement process with Excel’s Advisor

Gather Documents & Fees

  • Enroll in classes as soon as possible and pay the necessary fees while you are preparing to send off the application
  • Gather all required documents: bank statements, passport, I-94, transfer form from previous school with release date
  • Write your personal statement detailing what led to your termination
  • Download and fill out the I-539 form and the I-539A form for each dependent (Download the form, fill it out, save it to your computer, and email it to the Reinstatement Advisor) *The same form can be used to file an extension to your visa
  • Get money orders for $370 for each I-539 filed (COS and Extension) and $85 for each applicant (Biometrics Fee)

Attend Classes & Submit RFE (if Necessary)

  • After your I-20 is released to Excel, your record will be registered in the SEVIS system as “reinstatement” and included with your reinstatement application
  • Comply with Excel attendance and academic performance policies while you wait for your case to be reviewed by USCIS
  • USCIS may request more evidence while reviewing your case. Present the Request for Evidence (RFE) to your advisor for guidance about your response

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