Accent Reduction

Learn to Speak English Clearly with our Accent Reduction Classes

Improve your pronunciation and articulation with our Accent Reduction Program. You’ll learn how to communicate clearly and with confidence. This elective program is designed to enhance English speaking and articulation skills and build confidence in producing and understanding standard American English pronunciation while targeting common pronunciation challenges. You’ll not only learn to speak more clearly but also better understand standard American English.

This elective program is designed for students to complete in six months, and is comprised of six 4-week sessions, which may be taken independently. Each session consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction.

What Will You Learn in our Accent Reduction Classes?

The goal of these courses is to help you speak English more clearly, and speak with confidence. Many students who enroll in this program want to perfect their spoken English so they’ll be able to participate in college classes at a greater capacity. We also have business professionals in this class who want to contribute more effectively in the workplace. In an office environment, speaking up in meetings is a common occurrence. Share your thoughts with confidence, give a presentation knowing you’ll be understood, and tackle common pronunciation challenges. We have helped students who are are native speakers of Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and more, learn how to speak English more clearly.

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Accent Reduction Session Calendars


2021 Accent Reduction Session Calendar

Session Start Date End Date
10 September 4 September 25
11 October 2 October 23
12 October 30 December 20
Vacation Days

Spring Break – March 15-19
Summer Break – June 28-July 2
Winter Break – Dec. 20-31

Observed Holidays

Memorial Day – May 31
Independence Day – July 4

Labor Day – Sept. 6
Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 25

Class Times
Class Days Class Times
Saturday 10 am – 12 pm

Fees & Tuition

Class Days Class Times # of Hours / Week Application Fee Tuition for
International / Non-Residents
Tuition for Residents Books
Saturday 10 am – 12 pm 2 $0 Elective courses included $100 $50

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