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Student Highlight | Matthew Samihamba | Advanced English Student

It’s August, which means two things. First, we are still right in the middle of summer, so it’s still hot. Second, a lot of students are preparing to enter a college or university in the Fall. We would like to congratulate one of our students who has been with us for almost a year, Matthew Samihamba from Zambia, who will be moving on this month.

Even though Matthew’s English was pretty good upon enrolling in our school, he wanted to study at Excel in order to increase his ability to communicate philosophically and express his ideas in English, which is important for his goal to study a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership.

Matthew’s favorite part about studying at Excel is the “visual studying”, referring to the visual aids that the teachers incorporate in their classes even at the advanced levels. He has also enjoyed the faculty-student interaction at Excel and says the “class learning is excellent.” The most difficult part about learning English for him is the flip flopping of words stating that “We think in the opposite – the words are flipped.”

As far as Dallas goes, his mind was blown away by the massive buildings and the beauty of places, which is amazing.

Something interesting and unique about Matthew is his ability to experience the joy of being with others and laughing.  In his free time, he likes to exercise, go jogging, and watch sports like wrestling and soccer. He is an adept public speaker, and he is also good at numbers.

Matthew took our business class in July, and this month (August) he will transfer to a theological institute en route to Dallas Baptist University.

We wish you the best of luck, Matthew! We know you will go far.

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