Business English

For applicants within the U.S. only.

Thrive in an American Company with Business English

The Business English Program is a two-month language learning course designed for students with advanced proficiency who desire to become more fluent and confident and help increase their career prospects. The course reflects latest trends in business and helps students encounter American business culture, develop grammar skills to be successful in the American business environment, and develop the communication skills needed to thrive in an American professional workplace.

Advance your career and improve your confidence in a business environment. This course will benefit you in many ways from writing professional email communication to making presentations!

Excel English Institute Class

Business English Program Calendars


2019 Business English Program Calendar

Session Start Date End Date
1 January 7 January 31
2 February 4 February 28
3 March 4 April 4
4 April 8 May 2
5 May 6 May 30
6 June 3 June 27
7 July 8 August 1
8 August 5 August 29
9 September 3 September 26
10 September 30 October 24
11 October 28 November 21
12 November 25 December 19
Vacation Days

Spring Break – March 11-15
Summer Break – July 1-4
Winter Break – Dec. 22-Jan. 2

Observed Holidays

Memorial Day – May 27
Labor Day – Sept. 2
Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 28

Class Times
Class Days Class Times
Monday 2 – 6:30 pm
Tuesday 2 – 6:30 pm
Wednesday 2 – 6:30 pm
Thursday 2 – 6:30 pm

Fees & Tuition

Class Days Class Times # of Hours / Week Application Fee International Students Application Fee Residents / Non-Residents Tuition for
International / Non-Residents
Tuition for Residents Books
Monday – Thursday 2pm-6:30pm 18 $150 $50 $750 (includes
one elective course)
$600 $150

Business English Program Level Details

Excel English Institute offers a Business English Program for students who demonstrate advanced level proficiency on the program placement test. The goal of the program is to improve the students’ ability to use oral and written communication effectively in a variety of business contexts. The program is divided into four parts. The chart below shows the proficiency for both oral and written communication for each part. Students are administered the placement test to determine eligibility into the program. The following chart signifies student mastery of skills.

Points Level of Achievement Grade
90-100% Level I Meets Highest Achievement Standard A
80-89% Level II Acceptably Meets Achievement Standard B
70-79% Level III Marginally Meets Achievement Standard C
Under 70% Level IV Does Not Meet Achievement Standard F

Achievement Scale for Each Part of the Business English Program

Oral Communication Written Communication
Use networking techniques to develop business connections Produce writing in both formal and informal registers
Use language to clarify and confirm information Write an e-mail to summarize a decision
Use effective language to make decisions Write an effective report

Oral Communication Written Communication
Make an impact in oral presentation Write a press release to endorse a product
Resolve conflict in a business context Avoid conflict in emails
Problem-solve ethical dilemmas Write a press release to minimize damage

Oral Communication Written Communication
Use techniques to manage questions after a presentation Write an investment proposal
Use techniques for effective negotiating Write an email to summarize terms and conditions
Use creativity in brainstorming sessions Write a mission statement

Oral Communication Written Communication
Orally present in spontaneous situations Write an effective summary
Use techniques to pursue payment for goods or services Write a proposal of a growth strategy
Hold a teleconference Produce an effective written report

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