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Elective English Language Courses

Excel’s elective courses are all 3 hours per week of classroom instruction and 12 hours per 4-week session. Students can choose from four courses designed to increase fluency and proficiency.

Pronunciation and Conversation Course
Excel’s Pronunciation and Conversation Course has three distinct levels designed to help Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students to speak more clearly, confidently, and accurately. Each level has three 4-week sections. The course covers important topics from all aspects of pronunciation – sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation. Activities will give students opportunities to improve their pronunciation and communication skills in context.

Idioms, Expressions, and Fluency Course
This conversationally-oriented course helps students encounter high-frequency American English idioms and expressions. The course has three distinct levels to accommodate Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students. Each level consists of three 4-week sections. The course is designed to help students improve listening and speaking skills and develop effective communication in English.

Ted Talks Course
The Ted Talks course develops essential knowledge and skills for learners to succeed in today’s global society. This course teaches core academic language skills and incorporates current and relevant themes and skills such as global awareness, information literacy, and critical thinking. This three-month course is for students with advanced level proficiency.


2019 English Electives Calendar

SessionStart DateEnd Date
1January 7January 31
2February 4February 28
3March 4April 4
4April 8May 2
5May 6May 30
6June 3June 27
7July 8August 1
8August 5August 29
9September 3September 26
10September 30October 24
11October 28November 21
12November 25December 19
Vacation Days

Spring Break – March 11-15
Summer Break – July 1-4
Winter Break – Dec. 22-Jan. 2

Observed Holidays

Memorial Day – May 27
Labor Day – Sept. 2
Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 28


2020 English Electives Calendar

SessionStart DateEnd Date
1January 6January 30
2February 3February 27
3March 2April 2
4April 6April 30
5May 4May 28
6June 1June 25
7July 6July 30
8August 3August 27
9August 31September 24
10September 28October 22
11October 26November 19
12November 23December 17
Vacation Days

Spring Break – March 16-20
Summer Break – June 29-July 3
Winter Break – Dec. 21-Jan 1

Observed Holidays

Memorial Day – May 25
Independence Day – July 4

Labor Day – Sept. 7
Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 26

Class Times
Class DaysClass Times
Monday & Wednesday2 – 3:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday2 – 3:30 pm

Fees & Tuition

Class DaysClass Times# of Hours / WeekApplication FeeTuition for
International / Non-Residents
Tuition for ResidentsBooks
2pm-3:30pm3$0One elective course is included in tuition$100$50-65

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