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How to Best Overcome the Challenges of Learning English

Learning English can be challenging, especially when your native language is very different from English! However, if you have an experienced teacher or guide to help you overcome these challenges, learning English can be easier and more effective. At Excel English Institute, all our instructors are chosen and trained to help students learn the language while overcoming the typical challenges associated with language learning. Because Excel faculty and staff have regular training to discuss effective methods to better serve their students when learning grammar, writing, reading and listening, and speaking, students are given tools to learn as easily and quickly as possible. Excel instructors encourage their students to use the following five tips to be successful when learning English.

5 Tips to Overcome the Challenges of Learning English

1. The Name of the Game is ORGANIZATION!

This means that students are encouraged to keep their study spaces and class materials organized. For example, notes and handouts should all be filed or stored according to subject. In other words, notebooks and folders should be separated according to subject. A binder with different sections and dividers is a good way to keep all class materials organized and easy to find.

2. Use It or Lose It!

Students at Excel are given constant opportunities to use their knowledge by practicing in and outside the classroom. Teachers often put students in groups to complete assignments and discuss various topics of interest. Another effective tip Excel’s instructors tell their students is to get out of their comfort zones and get practicing. Looking for opportunities to speak with people who don’t speak the same language will force English learners to use their knowledge while speaking in English. Also, with regular outings to places of interest in the Dallas area, students and teachers can practice language skills while enjoying preplanned field trips.

3. Read, Read, Read!!

Excel’s curriculum is integrated so each subject utilizes materials that require reading in English. Also, students are encouraged to read their favorite books in English, and they often read stories and literature as part of the curriculum. The best way to learn new words and see grammar in context is by reading.

4. Watch Videos Daily!

Excel’s curriculum uses books that have video and audio built into the materials used in class. Guided questions help students gauge their listening and language skills regularly. In addition, students are encouraged to watch videos in English in their free time whether on a streaming service or teacher-recommended programs like “Learn English with Lucy and Learn English with TV Series” on YouTube.

5 Tips to Overcome the Challenges of Learning English | Watch Videos

5. Social Media Can be Good for You!

While most people are regular users of social media as a pastime activity, English learners are encouraged to use social media to help in learning English. There are a few platforms that are great resources for strengthening language skills. On Facebook, students can go to “Learn English Online” and “English Chat and Learning Club”. Instagram users can go to “In English with Love and Pronunciation with Emma”. Finally, Twitter offers “BBC Learning English and Grammar Girl”. There is a wealth of resources to help with language acquisition, and Excel instructors are happy to point students in the right direction.

Finally, Excel teachers look for ways to encourage their students to stay motivated in the process of learning English. They tell their students to think in English instead of translating from their native languages to English, be positive and enjoy the process. So far, this method of teaching has created lasting friendships and countless success stories.

If you would like to learn more about how we help you achieve your language goals at Excel English Institute, give us a call!

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