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International Holiday Celebrations at Excel

Giving Thanks

This is the time of year when people all over the world take an inventory of all their blessings and give thanks for family, health, and good fortune. At Excel English Institute, students, teachers and administrators are giving thanks for a productive year of growth and the wonderfully diverse student body, who have enrolled in the English program creating an atmosphere of fellowship, tolerance and genuine caring. In the past few sessions alone, more than 20 countries worldwide have been represented at Excel. In fact, the pinned world map, which hangs in the main hall, depicts all the countries that have been represented in the school since its inception.

Excel is truly an international community and students are always eager to share food from their home countries. Thanksgiving was the perfect occasion for students to partake in this holiday packed with traditional food and customs. Students and their teachers spent time eating and talking with one another in English as the common denominator.

Expanding Excel English Institute in January

This scene of international friendship was the impetus for the owners of Excel to establish a place where people could learn English and make friends with people from all over the world. It has been a long journey for the owners of Excel English Institute to finally get to the point where the school needs to expand. In January 2018, Excel will move to a space more than three times the size of its current location. As its student body and class offerings have increased, the new facility will have a complete language lab and open space for school functions and events.

Keeping in mind how the school started and where it is today, Cindy and I are thankful for all those who work to make this school a positive, fun and educational environment. We are especially blessed to have a tremendous faculty who work tirelessly and are dedicated to making each student’s experience positive and fruitful. Student numbers and their satisfaction ratings say it all: learning and working with people from various parts of the world, near and far, is an experience that fosters growth, tolerance and friendships that all at Excel English Institute are thankful for.

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