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Why Learn English as a Second Language?

We believe a universal language would solve so many of the communication barriers that many people face. In fact, Esperanto was created in the late 1800’s as a constructed international auxiliary language but never really gained worldwide popularity.

When considering a common language option, English is definitely the most widely spoken language in the world and could possibly be considered by some an international language because knowing English certainly has many advantages for the speaker. In fact, there are several benefits to knowing English when compared to any other language. The list of the advantages of knowing English is lengthy.

English is Spoken in Every Country

Knowing English will make the speaker bilingual in a language that is spoken in every country in the world. It is the official language of about 67 countries in the world. Therefore, English can be considered a bridge language connecting diverse populations. In fact, often when people from diverse nationalities get together, the common language that is spoken is English.

Universities Require English Knowledge

Educationally speaking, basic to intermediate knowledge of English is required in many schools and universities globally. For example, to be successful in the field of science, having an understanding of English is mandatory. The reason is that the majority of scientific and other publications are published in English.

The Established Language of International Business

Knowing English on some intermediate level is also useful in the world of business and employment. As an educator, I for one can say with confidence that many if not most of my students are learning English in order to enter an American institution of higher learning in hopes of completing their academic degree and use their knowledge of English to find a well-paying job. English is definitely the established language of international business. According to a report in The Economist, “A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that 90% of HR Directors, CEOs and CMOs claimed that having English-speaking employees is beneficial to their businesses. They likely claim so because English’s impact on the business world has been long felt. Today, it’s a mainstay in the business sector.”

Over 50% of Websites are in English

Knowing English will aid in gathering information on the web as over 50% of the websites and information online is in English.

Learning English has Personal & Physical Benefits

Learning English has benefits for personal development as well. One advantage in particular is for travel. English is spoken in over 50 countries in the world. When traveling internationally, chances are someone will be able to communicate with you in English.

Interestingly enough there are physical benefits to knowing more than one language as well. For instance, it has been proven that bilingual brains have better attention and focus than brains processing in only one language. This is mainly because switching between languages facilitates improved concentration skills.

Furthermore, learning and knowing English opens one up to appreciate American culture through the classics in literature. For example, reading Hemingway in its original language is the key to fully appreciating the text in its original form and language. Knowing English also allows one to appreciate slang and expressions, which are used in music, film and pop culture.

The list of benefits is long, but it is clear that knowing English has direct and indirect advantages for the speaker, which was the impetus for the founders of Excel English Institute to open its doors to non-native speakers over four years ago.

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