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ESL Learning Games: Valentine’s Edition

Time flies fast! February came and went. But, we were still here busy learning English and had fun on Valentine’s Day, or Friendship Day as some like to call it. We took time out of our classrooms to have a little social event. We had various games lined up. The conversation line was a big hit. It’s kind of like speed dating where you only have a few minutes to chat and get to know the other person before you rotate.

Our version was different, though. We weren’t in it for the dating, but just to have conversations with as many people as possible. It was a success in that it provided a platform for students to talk to other students that they might not ever converse with normally. We found that the pressure of time really helped students speak freely to express themselves – they didn’t have time to worry or be scared about the language.

Vocabulary Building Games

Another big hit was a vocabulary building game. Students were put into teams and then challenged to create a 100 words using the letters from “VALENTINE’S DAY”. (For example: lay, dent, van, etc.) It was a lot of fun, and some teams even came up with more than a hundred words. You should try it. You will be surprised how easy it is! Words just start to build off each other such as “ten” backwards is “net”. Now, your turn. Have fun!

Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

It has been our experience that language skills cannot all be memorization and book learning; although those tactics are a part of the process. Speaking English with others in a variety of situations is critical to developing language fluency. This is why we build social games (and fun!) into our curriculum at Excel English Institute.

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