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The Meaning of Memorial Day: More than a Long Weekend

So, what is Memorial Day? Besides being a great sale shopping day, Memorial Day has much deeper roots that date back thousands of years. Since the ancient Greeks and Romans, who put flowers on the graves of their loved ones and soldiers who died in battle, to the present time, people have often honored the dead by paying homage with festivals, flowers and tributes. In fact, the first public commemorations honoring fallen soldiers dates back to 431 B.C.

Unfortunately, the significance of Memorial Day is often overlooked by the average person. Unless one has roots that connect them to the country’s armed forces, for many it is a day off of work or school and a great way to make purchases at sale prices.

However, the life that many enjoy in the United States is due, in part, to the sacrifices of those who fought to secure a better life for the inhabitants of this country. Many non-native speakers of English are attracted by the freedoms afforded to them in this country. This fact alone is a testament to the sacrifices made by those men and women in the armed forces who have fought to make this freedom possible.

Coming to America to Learn English

In fact, Excel English Institute has had the good fortune of helping hundreds of people learn English while also learning to thrive in this country and culture. Many of its students have come to the United States on a much sought-after student visa to become fluent in English so that they can excel in other areas of their lives such as work, education and standard of life. In many countries around the world, the ability to speak English is a valued skill and can surely ensure one’s success in the workplace and advancement in life. In addition, Excel helps international travelers who decide during their temporary visit in the United States that they indeed want to stay longer in this country to learn English better and continue their education by applying for a change of visa status to become F-1 visa holders. Excel not only helps those who want to study English within the U.S. with a Change of Status but also those who apply from abroad to come to the U.S. to learn English.

Remembering & Honoring US Armed Forces

For thousands of foreign-born people who benefit from the chance to be a part of this American culture, it is the ones who have served in the armed forces that they need to remember on this Memorial Day. It is those soldiers who have served and continue to serve that they need to pay homage to on Monday May 27th for without their sacrifices, the opportunities to learn English and live in the United States would not be possible.

To all Excel students whether present or past, enjoy this day by speaking a lot of English with those around you and remember what a great opportunity it is to be a part of this great experience.

Happy Memorial Day!

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