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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Dallas

Thinking about Moving to Dallas? As one of the most diverse cities in America, Dallas has options. It can feel overwhelming because of the area’s sheer size. Moving anywhere new is a learning experience: Where do you shop? Where should you live? How do you navigate all these highways? What about public transportation? Where are the cool places to hang out, or get a bite to eat? Living in Dallas is an exciting opportunity to try new things and immerse yourself in Texas culture. You don’t have to learn everything about Dallas/Fort Worth right away, but these are the five things you should know before moving to Dallas.

Choose Where in DFW You Want to Live Carefully

Dallas has different neighborhoods and each has distinct characteristics. If you choose to study at Excel English Institute while in Dallas, you need to consider the area you choose to live in and keep in mind the traffic. Many people think Dallas is one big city, but Arlington and Fort Worth often get included in the scope of Dallas, known as the DFW Metroplex, but are indeed different cities that are spaced out over a large area. We are located in the city of Richardson which is just north of Dallas. If you will be using the DART while studying with us, we are a 20 minute walk away from the Arapaho Center Station.

The Dallas Traffic Might Surprise You

Statistics show that hundreds of people move to Dallas every day, so to meet the demands of so many people moving here, roads and highways are always under construction and/or expansion; the result: traffic! Traffic is a growing problem in Dallas, which makes driving time consuming.

When choosing where to live and study, consider the distance to your destination in order to avoid traffic as much as possible. Be sure to try alternate routes for an efficient commute (we highly recommend downloading the Waze app!); taking side roads can save time when the highways are congested. Or if it is convenient, use the DART rail instead!

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas - Traffic

Dallas is a restaurant / food town

Regardless of where you are from, you will find food for your pallet. Dallas’ restaurant options are plentiful. If dining out is in your budget, you’ll be pleased with what’s available to you after moving to Dallas. There are also many diverse grocery store options too from Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern to European food stores available if you want to cook food from your homeland and need special ingredients. Basically, you can find whatever you’re in the mood to eat in Dallas!

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas - Restaurants & Food

The arts & culture element is vibrant

When you move to Dallas, you will have the benefit of visiting some wonderful cultural and art events, art galleries, museums and ethnic festivals. Fair Park is home to the State Fair of Texas in October each year, and the Dallas Aquarium. The Nasher Sculpture Center and Perot Museums have exceptional exhibits. There is no shortage of events to attend for a true cultural experience.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas - Arts & Culture

Dallas has a marvelous music scene

Do you love live music? You can see some of the biggest stars in the U.S. at the American Airlines Center in Victory Park, or check out smaller shows at one of Deep Ellum’s venues. Pop, classical, rock, and more…whatever your musical taste is you’ll find it in Dallas. Deep Ellum has more bars and nightclubs than any other neighborhood or district in the city, and they come loaded with personality. There’s almost always a show to see so plan your free nights and weekends accordingly! Check out GuideLive to keep up on things to do in Dallas.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas - Music & Events

These are just five top things to consider when choosing Dallas to study English. There are many more reasons to choose Dallas as your new home away from home. Needless to say, if sports and the outdoors is what you like, Dallas is home to the famous Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Just a short commute from Excel’s campus is the FC Dallas professional soccer team in Frisco. It also has nature trails, lakes, and places to just have a cup of coffee outside while taking in the beautiful skyline of the Big D.

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