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Excel English Institute’s Growing Program

Wow, it is our 6-year anniversary! Who would have imagined that when we set out to establish a stellar English program with only 13 students, we would grow to over 200 students in just 6 years? It has been a joy and an enlightening experience for the teachers and staff that have helped shape the growing program of Excel English Institute. Here is a look at the past year at Excel.

We Continue to Change as We Grow

Meet the Teachers - Andrei Arroyo

First, Excel is proud to introduce Andre Arroyo, our newest instructor who joined the Excel family in April 2019. He quickly won the hearts of his students and remains one of the students’ favorite teachers.

In October 2019, Excel reached its highest enrollment in the history of the school. Since the beginning of 2019, Excel students have enjoyed monthly activities and excursions to places like “Go Ape in Plano” and “Dave and Busters” for lunch and games.

Another great addition Excel Institute has adopted into its growing program are new payment options which are geared towards helping students save money. Check out our different payment options.

Excel has also explored new partnerships with organizations such House of Knowledge in Pakistan, and other universities to help students continue their education at the college level.

In terms of immigration related successes, the advising staff has helped over 50 students last year get approved for F-1 changes of status and numerous successes with reinstatement cases.

Excel is also proud to have updated its technological resources with upgraded computers in the lab and an online placement test for new students which provides accurate and easy placement into the appropriate classes. In addition, Excel has a new online grading system, which allows students up-to-date access to their academic performance information as well as serves as a means of two-way communication between Excel faculty and students.

There have been so many fun activities at the school as well which have added to the spirit of camaraderie among the student body and staff.

Excel English Founders Travel to Argentina

Cindy and I also just returned from a marketing trip to Argentina, where not only were we able to make personal connections with prospective students but also soak in the rich culture of South America and Patagonia. Along with our families, we traveled to Buenos Aires and then to El Calafate, where we climbed a glacier, went horseback riding, and ate some of the best lamb in the world. After this stop, our group traveled to El Chalten, where we climbed two small mountains, Mirado De Los Condores and Mirado De Los Aguilas and then hiked to the Chorrillo Del Salto waterfall.

Excel Founder Trip to Argentina | State Park

The last stop before returning to Buenos Aires was Ushuaia, also known as the “End of the World”. It is the southern most part of the earth that can be traversed on land. There we saw the most beautiful landscapes with water, snow, and vegetation. It was a remarkable experience and one that will last in our memories for ever. With English, anyone can travel to all parts of the world and experience the uniqueness of each special place on earth with ease of communication.

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