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If you’re looking to learn English as an adult, you have several different options. How do you choose what class or program is right for you? You can self study through online programs, hire a personal tutor, enroll in a university course, or look for a local language school like Excel English Institute. It all depends on what your goals are for taking adult English classes.

What Do you Want to Accomplish by Learning English?

This is where it all begins. Why do you want to learn English? Are you trying to open a business, get promoted in your job, communicate with others on a sports team, or trying to get into an American university? All of these are excellent goals. Different programs are designed to help students meet different objectives. Don’t worry; we’ll help break down all the options for you. While these are just some of the options available in Dallas, most of these are true for any large city in the United States.

Online Language Learning Apps

Nearly everyone has heard of online programs like Rosetta Stone or Babbel. They make it so easy to study just about anywhere – while listening to recordings in your car or on the train during your commute! These apps are affordable and some even offer free versions. Apps are perfect for practicing and learning vocabulary you’ll need, and even learning basic phrases. The only downside to an app is a lack of accountability. Sure, learning a language sounds great the first few weeks, but what about when it starts to get tough? You don’t really have to turn in an assignment or do homework. Becoming fluent on your own is also pretty hard if you don’t have someone to practice with you. If you’re looking to learn a few phrases for casual conversation or just dip your toes in the language learning pool, apps can be a great option.

Private English Language Tutors

Sure, on websites like Thumbtack and Wyzant have thousands of options for language tutors. The downside to private tutors? Rates are not standardized and the hourly amount can vary wildly. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Great language tutors charge more, and they’re giving you one-on-one time. This is likely the most expensive option if you’re looking to become truly fluent in English or preparing to take an exam. One thing you’ve got to look out for is the qualifications of your tutor. A private English language tutor with experience teaching K-12 is probably not the right one to help you reach your goals. Language tutoring can be a great option if you find a quality tutoring relationship that fits your personality. One other thing, always be sure you are taking lessons from a native speaker!

University Classes

Looking to attend a university in the United States? Excellent! In general, school systems define English as a Second Language (ESL) students and English Language Learners (ELL) as those who are new to the United States, are non-native English speakers and are currently learning the language.

Students who are non-native English speakers face some challenges in applying to and attending American universities. The application process is complex and can be overwhelming. As part of the admissions process, many schools require a TOEFL exam. “Anyone who needs to demonstrate a mastery of English for an academic purpose can take the TOEFL. This includes anyone applying to a foreign high school, exchange program, community college, or for a student visa.”

If your goal is to attend a 4-year program in a university, you may want to see if they offer continuing education and ESL programs for adults. These classes may not be as specific as taking a language immersion program from a local school, but they can help you with conversational skills. You’ll be in a class with people of many different language levels, but if the classes are at the university you’ll want to attend, it may help to get familiar with their systems.

Fully Accredited Local English Schools

Local English schools can be a bit harder to find, but the programs are typically of exceptional quality. Unlike a university class or a language app, adult English classes are completely customized to the goal of the student – options include business English classes, TOEFL prep courses, accent reduction, and intensive English courses. The other bonus to taking a course at a language institute is you’re placed into classes with coursework at your level. The class sizes are small enough that instructors can work with you at your ability level. You don’t have to wait for classes to start on semester cycles, because most courses have new sessions beginning all the time. If your goal is to become more productive at work, get a great score on the TOEFL exam, or improve your pronunciation through accent reduction, English schools like Excel English Institute in Dallas can be a great option.

If you need more advice on what your options are, just drop us a note on our contact page or give us a call at 214-363-1700. We love to hear from fellow English language enthusiasts!

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