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How ESL Students Benefit from Business English Classes

If you are an ESL student ready to jump into the American business world but feel like your language skills might be lacking, you should consider taking a Business English class. Designed to help you sound more professional in a workplace setting, Business English courses will introduce you to workplace specific vocabulary and increase your confidence by improving both your pronunciation and overall communication skills.

With the current highly competitive job market, anything you can do to set yourself apart could make a difference in whether or not you receive an offer of employment. And if you’re already employed and just looking to advance your career, Business English lessons will help refine your professional communication skills. Whether you’re networking, giving a presentation, writing email correspondence, or completing a written report, ESL students will benefit greatly from Business English classes!

ESL Students are a Growing Population

Did you know that as an ESL student, you are currently part of the largest group of second language speakers in the history of the world and more than double the number of native English language speakers? Today, in 2022, there are 1.452 billion English speakers in the world, with approximately 373 million native speakers and 1.080 billion non-native speakers. English is the go-to language for international business, the technology sector, tourism, universities, and is used by almost 63% of all published websites.

Improving your English skills now will not only help you in your current job, it will also help prepare you for your future in the business world and online.

Benefits of Learning Business English

Business English Communication classes can help you sound more professional in your day-to-day workplace responsibilities. It’s not just about the vocabulary, although learning some of the idioms commonly used in business settings is definitely a plus! These classes can also help you learn how to present yourself professionally in today’s workplace, both online and in-person. Professional etiquette is important, and it can vary depending on the circumstances. You may be running a meeting, attending a zoom call, or writing email communications and memos, and if you’re struggling with your pronunciation, it can be challenging to get your point across. Whatever your tasks may be, improving your English skills will increase your confidence and make you sound more professional to your colleagues, clients, and vendors.

Business English Classes Help You Collaborate and Communicate with Your Team

Working efficiently and effectively within a team is a vital skill in almost any business. When you are able to communicate well with your colleagues and business partners, ideas flourish and problems get solved. Even outside of the daily work environment, many colleagues socialize and gather for both personal and team building events. Feeling comfortable with your ability to communicate in both the workplace and outside of the office is important to feeling like part of a team. If you don’t feel comfortable with your level of English proficiency, you may opt-out of activities outside of business hours that could otherwise present excellent opportunities to network and advance your career.

Business English Classes Help You Collaborate and Communicate with Your Team

Business English Vocabulary is Important and Specific

ESL students are continuously improving their understanding of the English language and learning new vocabulary words all the time, but learning English can be hard! On top of that, the language used within the business world is slightly more formal and often contains terminology and idioms that may not be readily understandable to a non-native speaker. Business English courses are a great way to learn about phrases that are commonly used in business settings, helping prepare ESL students for conversations, negotiations, and general communication standards, both written and spoken.

Excel English Institute’s Business English Course

Being able to communicate effectively allows you to participate in many different ways within your workplace. Demonstrating an understanding of English for business shows your employer or potential employer that you are prepared to fully engage your colleagues and clients in meetings, negotiations, networking events, social activities, and more. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident in sharing your ideas and concerns, making you a better candidate for employment and advancement.

That’s exactly why we’ve developed our Business English Program. This course is for students learning English as a foreign language who already have advanced proficiency in English but could use a little fine-tuning. This course is specifically designed for enhancing all the skills you’ll need in a professional workplace like the ability to give an exceptional presentation, writing professional email communication and memos, running a meeting, and more.

Ready to increase your career prospects? Check out the details for our Business English course.

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