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Immigration & the Importance of Language

When one considers what is involved in making the decision to leave one’s homeland for another, there are so many factors involved before the decision is made. Such considerations are location, finances, a support system, schools, employment etc. Whether the traveler is leaving his/her country to immigrate to another land permanently or only temporarily, it is a decision that is usually not arrived at easily or without consequences. Some are seeking a better life with opportunities to better themselves and their families and others are forced to leave due to persecution, lack of freedom and even the threat of death. The one common denominator all these travelers have in common is the need to learn the language of the host country.

Acquiring the language of the new land means the difference between empowerment, acclimation, and growth, whereas not learning the new language could mean isolation, loneliness and the feeling of powerlessness. Language is the key that opens the door to possibilities, success and a sense of well-being. With that being said, language programs, especially English programs, are mandated to not only provide language skills to non-native speakers but also expose them to American culture and life so that their transition to this country is as positive an experience as possible regardless of whether the learner is in the US temporarily or as an immigrant looking to make this country his/her new home.

Students Acclimate in Stages

We Design Our Programs to Help Students Acclimate

Excel English Institute is one such program that is designed for that very purpose. In order to succeed at its Mission, Excel founders, who are veteran teachers themselves, work tirelessly to ensure their students’ language acquisition allows them to better acclimate and thrive in their new surroundings. Teachers and administrators know the difficulties new comers face when first arriving in the States. In fact, this culture shock is a very normal reaction and entails several stages before a newcomer can finally feel comfortable and well-adjusted.

Students Acclimate in Stages

The first stage is the euphoric stage of newness and novelty. New comers are amazed at the new sights and experiences when they first arrive in the United States. After a while, the reality of the new environment and all the differences between here and one’s home country become apparent. Then a sense of ethnocentrism sets in and the new comer actually begins to find fault with the new country while making comparisons to his/her own country, which seems better in so many ways. After this stage, the newcomer begins to slowly adjust through some language acquisition and familiarity in his environment and begins to feel safer and more adjusted and begins to accept this new country as home or a place that will afford him/her with opportunities once hoped for.

This process is a reality for many who leave their homeland for an extended period and is a coping mechanism that ultimately enables the newcomer to learn to live and thrive in his/her new home. Watching this process take place is exciting and gratifying for an English instructor working with students to fulfill their goals and dreams in the United States.

Excel English Institute’s Grand Opening

After four years of growing the English Program at Excel English Institute, the founders of the school finally met their own goal to open the doors of their school in their new facility in Richardson. They celebrated this milestone with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony March 1, 2018. Present were the Mayor of the City of Richardson and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce representatives and other dignitaries. This milestone is just the beginning of hopefully a long journey to help non-native speakers improve their English skills and learn to thrive in their new home.

Excel English Institute's Grand Opening
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